My Story

I grew up in Colorado and have since lived in multiple states and traveled to numerous countries. My heart belongs to the mountains and I feel most wholly myself when I am in nature, experiencing the wild.


I began my journey with energy healing in 2015 when I trained as a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India. Since then, I've grown on this path with additional yogic, reiki, Akashic, and shamanic training. I am seeking to remember the Earth-honoring traditions to connect deeply and to remember my full purpose and wholeness. My sessions blend the modalities currently available to me to offer the most potent experience for you personally at this time.

I would love to partner with you on your journey to healing, growth, and wellness. My clients are curious and seeking -- they don’t need to be familiar with intuition, the Akashic Records, reiki, runes, past lives/other timelines, shamanism, crystals, or any of the modalities or ideas with which I work. My clients are open to and ready for the insights, healing, and process of those things and want to partner with me to foster their own healing; they are discovering that we are deep creatures who can call in both insights and wholeness by turning within. 

Trees and Mountains
Native Drums

My Approach

I offer distance sessions that allow you to relax in the comfort of your home. During your scheduled appointment, I will connect with you, your higher self, and the guides, angels, or ancestors who support you. I will use quantum, energetic, and shamanic techniques to address your needs at that time. I will make an audio or video recording of the session, which will allow you to revisit the work we did, the messages we received, and any additional information from Spirit whenever you need. You will receive a link to hear/download the audio via email following our session.

When you book your appointment and when I begin our session, we will set an intention of healing. This work might address current health issues or past traumas. This work may release energetic blockages or other-life burdens. You may experience some relief immediately, but in many cases this will be one focus on a long journey toward wholeness and growth.